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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Murder Eyez on BBC

Murder Eyez on Hip Hop Diplomacy

Murder Eyez عبد الرحمن العرّاب on VICE Magazine

Murder Eyez is NWA and Public Enemy combined on many different levels. He has shocked and challenged Syria’s hip-hop community for years. As a rapper in a conservative society that grew up listening to the Syrian equivalents of Lawrence Welk, having your message taken seriously is a constant uphill slog. But Murder Eyez has the look, the sound, and, most importantly, the earnest sentiment. He’s been calling for justice for years and has had his share of run-ins with Assad’s regime, though he’s released pro-government tracks as well. His message has been misunderstood and championed by all sides of the conflict, but Murder Eyez stands hard, spittin’ flow and keepin’ it real, in an environment that only seems to stunt any creative growth—which is both brave and powerful. SHALIB DANYALS